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To survive the emerging technological revolution in the financial market, an application to support UPI ( Unified Payment Interface) related payments has been developed by Sambhavi for merchants' use.

The use case of DIGIPAY:

  • Merchant will generate QR code dynamically and the customer will scan and pay.

  • Merchant will raise Collect Money Request (with customer VPA) and the customer will approve & pay.

  • Secure and safe

  • Same day settlement to Merchants' bank accounts

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    DIGIPAY is a plug and play integrations for all your business needs.

Workorder Management System (Employee/Task/Workflow Management)

The WORKSYS App can be extensively applied for all segments of businesses and furnished below are certain use cases of the Application:-

  • FMCG segment: For monitoring the Stock movement/ascertain stock position/immediate dispatch of stocks to retailers where there is a shortage of stocks.

  • Windmill: To enable the Field Staff to record the meter reading and updating online / Also to monitor the movement of staff in fields. This eliminates manual exchange of reading count through SMS.

  • Customer EKYC: For monitoring the movement of Field staff to the exact location/taking photo of customer premises and other areas/updating doc collected status etc.,

  • Logistics: Customer can log in and enter the parcel details/ agency visit time, parcel pickup time/parcel movement / tracking the parcel till delivery/vehicle movement and vehicle status etc., can be monitored.

  • Contract Labour Deployment: Employee attendance bases on biometric device entry /in time / out time and location movement can be confirmed accurately.

  • Personal Loan disbursement and collections: Customer verification/ Field staff movement/doc collected status/Processing fee collected status/customer confirmation through the biometric device- all of these are possible

  • Cash collection agency: Task can be assigned to any field staff with specific task / online collection status/rescheduling visit-etc.,

  • Hospitality Industry: Guests can make use of the mobile app for room service/booking. Floor Manager can assign a task to respective staff/ upkeep and maintenance team can assign a task to respective teams and the functions can be monitored online

  • Hotel Industry: The delivery of food ordered online/ movement of delivery boy / digital signage with offer and Day’s special message can be displayed / customer interface can be provided to lure them

  • Schools/Colleges: Principal can assign a task to teachers / Professors for recording students' performance/attendance of students with a biometric link and SMS alert to parents/students’ bus movement and alert to parents/academic-performance/ cultural events /sports events-all can be assigned and monitored

  • Event Management Company: Very much suitable for event managers. The various task categories can be assigned to each individuals specifying assignment of a particular task to be carried out / status of each task on a real-time basis can be monitored and effectively achieved

  • ATM Service agencies: The down of ATM machine will immediately be alerted to the manager assigned and he can further assign the task to others depending upon the nature of defect/service/ With WIFI enabled, the ACs can be switched off during downtime to save electricity

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Source your Contract Employees in a simpler and hassle free way

Salient Features of EOS

  • Contract employees can download EOS App from Google play store/iTunes and Self-Register.

  • Employers can push Requirement in Employee offer App as and when they require their services.

    The contract Employee will get an alert and can respond to Empoloyers’ message.

  • Based on the response Employers can shortlist and confirm request.

  • Contract Employees will get an alert and can choose to report duty on the specified date.

  • Use EOS App and reap the benefits.

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